The Flash Express

The Flash Express has derived its name from the interesting character flash and from the tribute to bands that rock so they also had the express word in it. The Flas Express is a band that really goes into it when you see them play. The musicians do not hold out in their performance and they like to play in all kinds of audiences. They just prefer the one s who are active and so they do not choose the big stage but choose a place all can have fun.

The band was formed in Los Angeles here in California and has four members but you may see three in some pictures. The one in charge of the guitar and vocals is Brian Waters who is responsible for bringing down the place as he can do anything to let the excitement go wild. He had given his word that every performance he would do, it would be one that worth the price you had paid to watch their performance. In the drums and vocals is Lance Porter. For the bass guitar is Tommy Branch.

Luke Tierney is also in and part of the record. One of the songs they had recorded has attracted people and they like it.

Though they do not have what it takes to be on the big stage and producing albums they have their own way to contribute to the music industry. That song is “The Beat That Kills”. They also have the songs entitled The Message, Who Stole the Soul, and Flash One Time.