American Music

The music in America is a diverse one. As the nation has also been influenced by many immigrants so there are many genres that Americans like. The nation also has many states and its people is a diverse one who comes from different nations. The natives also have their own music but they had gained some influence from the outside of the country. There is much traditional music then that you can hear. But they have one songĀ The Star-Spangled Banner that gathers them together.

The national song really makes someone reflect or instantly think of his nation. American music has received some influence from the Irish, West African, Scottish and even from Europe in the mainland area. That is why you can listen to its contribution. They also have their own music charts where you can listen to the latest songs and the one that is famous. In terms of the music awards; they haveĀ Gospel Music Awards, Grammy Awards, Tejano Music Awards, and the Country Music Awards.

When it comes to the genres the rock, blues, folk, punk, rap, metal, hip-hop and the oldies are some of the popular music genres in the various group or in most of the citizens regarding of race. The country music genre is also one and it is more popular in some states. You surely have listened to many songs recorded in the country. Different genres are performed by different singers and musicians. You can say that music is one that let the country live.